Terms and Conditions


A valid passport must be provided for at least 6 months (from the date of arrival in the first destination city on the trip).

Visas – It is the responsibility of the traveler and / or the travel agent, except where otherwise stated. Subject to the requirements of the local authorities, it is mandatory for passengers to ensure that there are 3 consecutive blank pages in the passport.


Failure to obtain an entry visa does not constitute grounds for cancellation and does not entitle the passenger to a refund of money beyond the law.


Driving License – All Pure Adrenaline trips include driving experiences, so every customer who signs up for the trip must hold a valid driver’s license.


Participation in the trip

Organizers may reject an application for cancellation or cancellation of any passenger who, in their opinion, is unfit to be among the participants of the trip without any need to state their position. The organizers may discontinue the participation of a passenger on the trip if he or she is present as having impaired or interfered with the normal course of the trip, at the discretion of anyone else. The organizers will not refund the passenger the proportion of the amount they paid for the trip. A customer who becomes unruly during the trip or causes damage will compensate the organizers for the expenses incurred by the organizers, if incurred.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to update the Company when registering for any medical or physical difficulties that may pose a problem or obstacle to proper and ongoing management of the trip.

Each group’s departure is conditional on at least 8 passengers, and there is a limit to the maximum number of participants.


Participants ages

Excursions advertised on this Company’s website are open to registration only for drivers who are over the age of 25. No complaint and / or comment regarding the age of travelers and / or their skills and / or health status will be accepted. Children can be added to the driving trips only in advance check for a car seat.

Accompanied by the group

The group escort is a liaison between the organizers and the passengers, and will serve as the group’s administrative manager for the duration of the trip. As part of his role, the lender will, among other things, organize the various arrangements related to the proper management of the trip. There may be times when the lender responsible for the group waits overseas. The lender takes care of the passengers’ well-being during the trip, and will accompany the group with a professional skimmer, a still camera and a Go-Pro camera.

Food and Beverage

In all trips, the proposed economy is on a half board basis, ie bed and breakfast in the hotel and dinner. In quality restaurants. Organizers do not commit to caring for a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free meal. The organizer does not commit to kosher meals during the trip.

Beverages are not included in the meal.


The itinerary

There is a possibility that a particular trip will fit into the route of another trip. The trips will be merged if the number of participants does not allow an independent departure of the trip. The route and services will not change significantly as a result of the combination.


Force Majeure

Pomegranate will not be liable in cases of force majeure and unusual natural phenomena (floods, earthquakes, snow, fog, etc.) and / or other circumstances (local demonstrations and riots, power outages, etc.) that may cause some modification and / or cancellation of a site visit And / or a change in the planned itinerary, which will be done at the sole discretion of a grenade tour.




No smoking is allowed in the hotel rooms or in the vehicles, a customer who smokes during their stay at the hotel will pay a fine according to the decision of the hotel or the car company. There will be breaks that will include smoking periods



Trips and events described and offered on the Company’s website are offered and accepted on the express condition that they are subject to change by the organizer, all in accordance with the professional opinion of the organizers for the welfare of the passenger and in accordance with the circumstances. , Organizing alternative events, or those not included in the program, etc. The details of the travel plans and events constitute information and a framework plan regarding the itinerary, the visit sites, the types of recreation, the possibilities, the dates planned for their execution, all of which are subject to such possible changes. The travel agent is the passenger’s messenger for anything and everything. It is the duty of the passenger to ensure and obtain a visa (“visas”) for countries requiring such permits, in accordance with the countries of the trip. The organizers are not responsible for any information that is not provided by them in writing or contradicts what is stated in this message.

Credits and Refunds

Refunds and credits can only be given in the country through your travel agent. The group lender is not authorized to return or guarantee any refunds, such as: non-utilization of services after the start of the trip.


Port cancellation

Initiation cancellation of an adrenalin trip due to a small number of subscribers will be possible up to 15 days prior to the trip without any claim and / or claim from the client. In this case, the customers will be refunded the full amount paid, including the registration fee. A cash transaction will be returned to the customer immediately as soon as the cancellation decision is made. Credit card transactions will be refunded according to the conduct of the credit card companies.


Each group’s departure is conditional on a minimum of 8 passengers.





Cancellation fees per person:

Cancellation from registration up to 90 days * before departure – € 500

Cancellation less than 90 days and up to 45 days * before departure – 50% of the price of the trip.

Cancellation less than 30 days to departure day – 100% (full cancellation fee)

Failure to attend a customer is a full cancellation fee (100%)

With regard to transactions in which the organizers apply the Consumer Protection Law and Regulations, the cancellation of a transaction by the consumer shall be in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010 and in the case of a remote sale transaction (as defined in the Consumer Protection Law) also in accordance with the provisions of Section 14c 14 th of the Consumer Protection Law 1981, and the cancellation fee shall be at the maximum height permitted by the above law and regulations.

Lonely traveler

A single passenger may book a single room at extra charge, with the use of the vehicle fully divided with another customer. If there is no other single customer to join the trip – the customer’s order will be canceled and his money will be refunded.

 A single passenger will be housed in a room with another foreign passenger from the group and no claims of discrepancy will be accepted.

A passenger wishing to book a single room must book it in advance for an additional fee. Organizers do not undertake to accept or approve a single room reservation for any passenger requesting it. In case of booking a room for 3 or more people, there may be a possibility that an extra bed or beds may be added to a double room, a rollaway / extra beds may be arranged. The organizers do not undertake to provide a special and larger room than a double room in this case.

Single passenger registration will never be approved before receiving a letter confirming his departure as a single passenger and having found a partner


The travel agents, organizers, their representatives, the group or anyone else are not authorized to return or guarantee the return of any funds or agree to any deviation from the present conditions. After leaving the group, no funds will be refunded for any part of a trip or event that the passenger did not participate in, including unused meals, hotels, site entrance, and so on.


It is recommended that every customer who travels abroad independently purchase travel insurance abroad, including an extension to reimbursement of up to $ 1500. A client who does not do so will fully bear the cost of the treatments.

It is hereby clarified that there will be no reimbursements for termination / shortening / cancellation of a trip due to illness, injury, medical condition of the passenger or of his immediate family or any other reason and the organizers offer the passenger to insure himself at his expense, with extensive personal insurance including cover in case of accidents Roads, Challenging Sports and a variety of activities on the itinerary such as boating, SUV travel, canopy activities, covering all the damages and events described above.

 Pure Adrenaline Company has no liability or liability for bodily harm caused, if caused, due to the voyage – for mental damage.


The organizers offer a wide range of hotels within the tour, some in the city centers and some outside the cities. The hotel accommodation will be in luxury hotels only, in double rooms with en suite facilities including a bed.


We ask all passengers to behave accordingly, and remember that we are ambassadors of the State of Israel!

Damage caused by passengers to the hotel room or vehicle in which the passenger is negligent and if the service provider (the hotel and / or bus company will charge the cost of the repair, the passenger must pay this amount directly to the hotel and / or the service provider. If not paid, a travel grenade Charge this from the customer and transfer the money directly to the service provider at the cost required by the service provider.


For all vehicles there is a deductible at the time of the trip, the customer undertakes to observe the traffic laws. A customer who will cause damage to the vehicle will be charged with deductible depending on the type of vehicle.

Damages – Insurance

The organizers are not responsible for the passenger’s damages resulting from accidents, illnesses, baggage damage or any direct or indirect damage that they may incur during the trip due to an accident, violence, robbery, theft, lost luggage or documents, airline tickets, passport, medical expenses, etc…


The mere registration of a passenger for any trip, including joining, constitutes the traveler’s consent to all the terms and conditions set out above. It is hereby agreed that any claim and / or claim made to the passenger against the organizers without exception must be brought before the Company no later than 30 days after the group’s return. It is hereby expressly stated that the mere registration of a passenger in a travel office and / or any travel agent throughout the country will not give local jurisdiction to the courts in their jurisdiction to have a travel office. In the event that a claim is filed against the organizers whether the claim is filed against the organizers alone and / or together with the travel office with which the passenger is registered, local jurisdiction will only be available to the courts in the city of Dallas, TX.