Who doesn’t want to live the Dolce Vita? Let’s face it – you are entitled to taste the good life! So live it up during five fun-filled days in Italy.

 Drive your power car along winding roads in stunning landscapes.
We start by hitting the road in Rome, will cruise through Tuscany until we reach the Dolomites aka the Italian Alps. 

Of course, no experience is complete without visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa  and driving the  Monza circuit!

Ready to go? Let have a closer look at the Maserati Experienza roadtrip.



After a weekend in Rome, we will meet on Sunday morning to get the fabulous car of our dreams – yes, we are talking about Alfa Romeo 4c! Once we are ready and steady to go, we will be heading north to the Renaissance city of Florence. What a city this is! So little time, so much to see… Michelangelo’s gorgeous “David” sculpture, Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Annunciation, the list goes on and on…And dining like a duke is of course also part of the experience!

Can you smell the aroma of a true Italian coffee? Yes, that’s the way to wake up! After enjoying an authentic Italian breakfast, we take our cars and drive along the stunning Tuscan roads to Bologna. This amazing city can trace its history back to Etruscan times. Apart from stunning medieval and Renaissance structures, there is one place that is a must for us to visit. Yes, we are talking about the Lamborghini Museum! After enjoying a tasty Italian lunch, we will be driving to another amazing Italian city – Venice.

It’s time to pump up our adrenaline levels! We start this high octane day with breakfast in Venice, the city built on 100 small islands. Once we have soaked up the unique atmosphere of this amazing city, we will burn rubber. Like a pro, we will be driving north over climbing roads. Your driving skills will be tested when we will take on the San Boldo Pass, a 700m long mountain pass featuring 7 hairpin turns.  We will go on heading for the Italian Dolomites, passing stunning vistas that you normally only see in movies. Once we arrive in hour hotel, it’s time to unwind!

What better way to get your juices flow than driving in the Italian Alps?  With roaring engines, we will cross the border into the Swiss Alps.  Our driving skills will be tested again when we take on the Stelvio Pass, the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Known as the best road in Europe, it will take us to the spine-tingling Flüela Pass. Once we mastered this high mountain pass, we will arrive at our destination – a luxury hotel where we can unwind the Swiss way.

Our last day is crammed with fun stuff. We start with an early breakfast to get the most out of the day. We will take our Fantastic Four cars and head back to Italy. Driving south, we will first cross the Splügen Pass continuing south along Lake Como where will we stop for lunch. Keep your eyes peeled, we might bump into a celebrity! We will drive on to Monza, a city that can trace back its origins to the Bronze Age. But the main reason that we are stopping here, is to experience the world-famous Ferrari Formula track. Feel like a kid again and beat your best time! Even this great experience has to end, and we have no choice, we have to say arrivederci to our 5-day Dolce Vita.


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Bagni S.Lucia Restaurant

‪Al Faro  Lounge Bar‬

Roberto Cavalli Milano


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