PRESTIGA is an international company that specializes in organizing tours that include driving cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati on challenging tracks. Each tour is a unique experience packed with unforgettable trips, spectacular views, and stunning places that will undoubtedly make your pulse race.

Enjoy life the way you deserve – get the experience you always dreamed of. You will be pampered in prestigious hotels that we inspected and selected personally. You will also savor gourmet meals in trendy restaurants and enjoy the city nightlife on the way, which is an amazing experience by itself. We make sure that our customers drive the latest and greatest sports cars for getting that adrenaline rush and having lots of fun.

At PRESTIGA, we are known for our service and excellence, and our commitment to organize tours for an amazing experience in many exiting destinations. What makes us unique is the vision and dedication of Nick, our founder. He is the driving force behind the adventures, hikes, ultimate experience, cars and lots of fun. Each trip is the result of his personal experience based on the destinations and places he visited. He knows exactly what kind of experience a customer is looking for. Each trip is organized by our dedicated team, while experienced team members will accompany each and every participant personally to make sure that the experience will be unforgettable.

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For most cars us 30 years old but the Porsche tours you can be just 25.

In Germany you can use your American driving licence but in other locations you need to go to AAA station to ask for internation permit.

German Autobahns are unlimited and you can hit the 190Mph. 

In Switzerland and Austira you are limited to 120kph (70Mph).

in Austria and  and Italy to 130 (80Mph)

Our roadtrips are for 2 people in the same car. The price is combined by two people sharing a car and a room, if you want to drive alone you will have to pay extra for room & car.

No. For renting luxury cars you must have a least 2 creditcard – No debitcard. 

For our Porsche roadtrips you can use only 1 creditcard.

Our roadtrips includes:

  • Luxury Accomodation
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Supercars Driving
  • Fuel
  • Insurance 
  • Dinners

Yes, after signing online we will contact you and once you will be find as relevent we will send you a link to register online.