Weekend in Rome

Rome is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, it’s a wonderful place for a weekend. Italian restaurants, beautiful Latin woman and of course Italian supercars.  Italy it’s the a wonderful place to visit and we have plenty of things to see and to experience as the Vatican Museum.

If you have a spare day, just like me, I to recommend you to take a tour to Tuscany drive trough the Bracciano Hills and enjoy the beautiful roads , it’s a beautiful drive and very nice to do it with a luxury convertible – why not to rent Lamborghini Aventador ? It’s an amazing experience, I wish you will be able to buy one for your weekends but during your vacation in Rome it is a wonderful opportunity to feel Italian.

While arriving to Tuscany we recommend to stop for lunch at Cacio Vino Trallalla, not because the food is delicios the real reason is the wonderful italian hospitality and the amazing deserts.