You might know Romania or its capital Bucharest with its casino and party scene.
But the country offers so much more, with its beautiful winding roads, breathtaking views and Romanian kebabs ad only a true Romanian can make… 

We get the ultimate experience by driving our sports cars from Bucharest to Transylvania via the challenging Transfăgărășan Road or DN7C, we will be pampered in spa clubs, and so much more …

So let’s go Romanian!


Mercedes-Benz GLA

1991 cc

211 hoprsepower

Acc. 0-60: 7.1

Top Speed: 155 Kph

Luxury Accomodation



After arriving in Bucharest, we will pick up our cars in the city center. Is your heart already beating faster? You need to keep your wits since we will be driving north via the Buzău Pass, a mountain pass along the Buzău River, that was used by the Turks and Tatars for attacking Transylvania. After following in their footsteps, we will reach Brasov, a city steeped in history. Now it’s time to get dressed up for our gala dinner!

Day 2:

After a hearty breakfast, we will drive to Bran Castle. According to popular belief (and Bram Stoker), it’s the castle where Count Dracula dwelled. Nowadays, Dracula Castle is a museum displaying art and furniture, so no need to bring garlic. After having convinced ourselves that the castle is vampire-free, we will hit the famous Transfăgărășan Road, which is hands down the most beautiful road in Romania. What a blast it is to drive its whole length to our luxury hotel – where a wonderful surprise is waiting for us.

We will start the day with breakfast in our hotel, enjoying a spectacular view. After breakfast, we will put the pedal to the metal zipping through the Surduc Pass. We will drive on until we reach Craiova, a beautiful city known for its museums and botanic garden. After such an adrenaline rush, we need to relax and will be spending the rest of the day and night in the peaceful town.

Also this day, we will start with breakfast – the best way before our driving skills are challenged again.   We will hit the road and drive back to Bucharest. On the way, we will stop at the biggest outlet in Romania for some serious shopping. It’s the best place to buy that perfect gift for your loved one or to spoil yourself – you deserve it! Now it’s time to drive on to our hotel for the ultimate pampering experience. What better way to spend the weekend than in the best hotel in town? In the evening, we will be living the high life with an amazing dinner at a special venue close to the hotel.

We will start the fifth day of our trip with a tasty breakfast before exploring Bucharest. Don’t feel like sightseeing? No problem, just relax in the hotel to recharge your batteries. Or pamper yourself in one of the thermal spas where you can get a relaxing massage or beauty treatment for the ultimate wellness experience. If you prefer culture, there are museums and landmarks that will take your breath away. We will have another gourmet dinner before we hit the town. We will let loose in Chaboo Club, one of the best nightspots in Eastern Europe. Party time!

Waking up after a night of partying, we will enjoy our last Romanian breakfast before heading home. What a blast it was, those five full days of fun!


‪Restaurant Belvedere‬