What are your benefits?

PRESTIGA is a global network offers luxury car rentals worldwide. Our success is driven by our local partners and we have examined each and every one of them in order to be sure you will receive the level of service you need.

Can I do One-Way rental?

Sue, you can pick the car anywhere you wish and when you wish to return the car you can do so elsewhere.

Do you commit vehicles?

The vehicle you booked it’s the vehicle you will recieve. our fleet is limited so we can even commit for the color you will receive.

Do you sell cars?

From time to time we offer our vehicles for sale, Click here to view those cars.

Do you offer chauffeur service?

Mostly not!

We do not provide such services, but we can try to help.

Where do I collec the car?

PRESTIGA VIP delivery service offers special VIP delivery to each location you need if it’s at the airport, your hotel or elsewhere.

Same you can drop the car anywhere you wish – we will contact you and pick it up

Can I book other car is not listed on your website?

Yes, the car collection on our website is partial, we do offer other cars as you wish to hire, just drop us an email via contact us page

How can I contact you?

We are here to assist you, you can feel free to contact us via email; via contact form or to call us at +1 (720) 477-6226

Can I request other supercar?

Sure, our contacts can help you rent a Bugatti Veyron or any other super-premium vehicle you wish.